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Day Two at Magic School

Today was the first day of classes! MaryBeth and I had breakfast together and then went to Fundaments of Magic with our Class. Professor Malden was late, but he doesn’t seem to walk very well, it looks like his magic backfired on him at some point.

What is Magic? he asked us, and apparently the answer is Cheating. Magic breaks the rules of our world. Well, my parents would sure like that answer, they definitely think I am always breaking the rules.

Then we learn about “schools” of magic, like different ways to use it. Which is the most dangerous, he wants to know, and we all set to writing essays, and then reading them aloud. Mortified by the time it gets to my turn. Everyone else wrote such good essays, and I think I’m probably wrong. But Necromancy is so Icky! The debates rage on for a while, and I get mocked for thinking there are still gods in the world. Enchantment is the final answer, bewitching People is the Most Bad.

Nat came talk to MaryBeth and me at Lunch because we were so anti-Necromancy. He avoids my questions about how he gets Bodies for awhile until MaryBeth mentions that sometimes people volunteer to donate their bodies to Science. He says that’s where his family gets them, too, but I’m not so sure. If that was true, why didn’t he just Say that the first five times I asked. I’ll have to keep an eye on him.

The rest of my classes are pretty quiet and boring. Math is math. History was a little odd, but victors write the history and all that. Philosophy is more like Fundaments, questioning and thinking about thinking. I don’t see Oliver at All! But at dinner, MaryBeth is so excited about the game they played in P.E., and Klyce is actually Friendly for once, so Dalish, Gerhardt, and I all decide to switch our fourth period. Besides, Oliver is in that class!

Day One at the Mysterium Academie

Dear Diary,

First day of Magic school, and I’ve already made a friend! Marybeth is so sweet! And tall! Even though she keeps trying to hide behind everyone. I think I’m the shortest one here, but that’s okay, I had the prettiest dress.

Everything is so exciting! The hallways move and flip and sometimes we have to walk on walls.

We got split into A and B class, and I’m SO glad the professor didn’t call on me. We would never have gotten A class if she had.

The stablehands are The Creepiest I’ve Ever Seen! They have Way too many teeth and when they smile… I swear, their heads are just going to split in half! And they don’t give the horses names. But at least they let me ride one. I took Marybeth around the lake, and Dalish and James were there, too. Dalish sure writes a lot.

We picked our classes today. I didn’t know what to do, so I just avoided the magic ones. I think I’m going to fail Fundaments of Magic… I gave Marybeth my Mana thingy, it won’t do me any good. Why am I such a freak? What am I going to do?

Oh! I saw Oliver! He’s in the B class. He’s so cool and cute! I think he even looked at me!

I can’t believe I’m here!

Tristia Ravenhelm

Master Vampire, Musical Instruments, and Charm Spells

We awake, bound and gagged before an imprisoned vampire, behind silvery looking bars. He looks hungry and tired – even more than us. There is a dead man outside the bars, at his feet. There are three ghouls nearby – one the woman we saw carried in before. And there is a vampire spawn nearby. All our gear is gone.

The vampire speaks to us, calling us volunteers, blaming us for killing his “help” and saying we will replenish his staff. Promising if we do well, we will live forever. He tosses out a spell, ensnaring Alryn and Baz in his web.

He orders them to fetch the abomination that Alryn created, and throws the rest of us into a cell. I try to free myself, but one of his underling hits me and moves me to my own cell. Lorineer manages to get a spell out, and kill our guard. We sneak over to where our gear is held, and get some healing on, too. We slip out of the cavern and head back upstairs.

We hear music at the other end of the house and go to investigate. We head into a room where the instruments are playing themselves. Baz falls down, so I sit him back up and get him a drink from the table. The lute at the far end of the room is broken, so I head over to see if I can fix it, but the others drag me out and smash all the instruments. Alryn wants to get back to the Master Vampire.

Ghouls and Traps in the Darkness

Ghouls just keep on coming. The power of Torm is mighty and he fails me not. Many of them fall to dust. The rest we destroy more messily. More creepy things skitter in the dark, but we deal with them just as well. We discover boxes at the end of long hallways, littered with traps. One box even requires the healing mercies of Torm to lift.

More creatures mob us out of the dark. Exhausted from our day of fighting and avoiding traps, we succumb to the darkness ourselves.

Rats, Ghouls, and Holy Water

None of us have silver weapons to fight the rats, so we take a look in the dining room, but the silverware is all gone. So we make some sharp sticks and head downstairs, looking to stake some vampires. It’s much dirtier down here.

Some ghouls attack, but the power of Torm prevails. We head down tunnels and through a few doorways. There’s a big room with walls full of deathly art. There are some rough stairs down at the end of the room. But it’s blocked by a magic wall. We can’t get through. I can stab my sword through, but it stops my hand.

There are also stairs going up, so we try that way, and discover we are now in the first floor walls. Alryn calls up a rat skeleton from our previous fight and sends it to explore the walls. We can’t figure out how to turn off the magic wall to the downstairs, so we make camp. I redecorate the walls with my sword, make it full of the glory of Torm.
Some more ghouls come to object to my redecorating. I stake one and scare the other one away. We chase it down and then come back to camp. Some more were-rats come down, and a vampire runs by carrying a scantily clad women, right through the barrier.

We fight the rats with everything we have. Dust, oil, fire, and unholy water. Oh no! Alryn, what have you done!?! One of the rats transforms into a monster. It picks Wind up and runs her through the magic wall! Alryn calls up some more rat skeletons and they carry the rest of us through and down the stairs.

Lizzie, Traps, and Vampires

Once everyone is healed, they tell me I can’t keep both Momma and Lizzie, so Momma goes home to make more lizzies, and I start teaching my Lizzie to be a paladin’s mount for the glory of Torm on our way back to Tilverton. Things aren’t going so well back in town.

The orcs are setting up traps around town, and curious kids are getting killed looking for them. People are vanishing, too. There’s rumors or Shar-worshipping vampires. Not as crazy as it sounds, really.

So, we go looking around the spooky places in town. The big tower is locked, so we go check the big house. We think there are vampires here. The statues out front attack and we smash them back to bits. Dan gets frozen by a trap on the door. Inside, it’s very, very clean. We take a search around the house. Clean maybe, but full of were-rats and magic wards. There are stairs going up, and a basement entrance in the kitchen.

Ticks, Scorpions & Momma Sali

Next we find Giant Ticks… and some more Giant Scorpions. I wish I was back in the forest, the monsters aren’t quite so disgusting. We set a trap with scorpion bait again. Wind is so much better with these crazy animals then me. When big Momma salamander arrives, Wind makes friends, but it takes forever. I carve several salamanders out of my last few chunks of wood while I wait. Finally, we’re ready to head back. Amazingly, nothing bothers us while we ride with Momma Sali.

By the time we get back, Wind is really ill. We set up Momma Sali outside, and go in to check on Lizzie. I ask if I can bring Lizzie out to meet Momma Sali, but Wind isn’t so sure. I ask Lizzie if she wants to meet Momma Sali, and she sniffs at me and then gives me a big ol’ friendly lick. Wind then caves, deciding that she must be okay with Momma Sali’s scent on me. They have a happy reunion in the sand outside the fort, and we make a much bigger chew toy so we can finish healing all the sick, now including Wind.

Raiders, Explosions & Insects

The approaching raiders number seventy strong, and set up camp about a mile away. Dan goes out to meet with their representative, and it does not go well. We spend the day milking Lizzie and preparing. After night falls, they attack. We manage to hold the gate, but they’ve snuck around back and blow up our rear wall. Men fighting for their lives can do amazing things, and outnumbered, we defeat them and send them running. In the morning, we take care of our injured and have a funeral pyre for those who gave their lives.

In the morning, a Leiutenant feeling better after getting some of the cure into him, takes a look at Lizzie and laughs. “Why’d you get a baby lizard?” He tells us where to find bigger ones, and Wind and I head out, leaving Lorian to keep milking Lizzie, while Dan takes the Lady and the remaining healthy troops back to Tilverton. Unfortunately, the first nest we find is filled with Giant Wasps. What is with this desert, doesn’t anything grow to normal size? Oh yeah, the pit vipers.

Scorpions and Salamanders

We stake out the scorpion and wait up all night. Early the next morning, a lizard finally shows up, tunneling through the earth and rising to strike at its dinner. We manage to subdue it, but we still don’t know how to milk it. So we restrain it, and wake it back up. Alwyn tries to milk it like a snake, to no avail. Well, we need it, maybe someone back at the barracks knows what to do.

I try to make friends with the big lizard, but he’s very grumpy and keeps trying to dive into the sands. Eventually, I manage to coax it to go with the very skittish horses. I’m not sure who was most upset by this, but we get back to the hideout. The others have return, with some milk and a better idea what to do with Lizzie. We use the milk they’ve brought to cure the Lady and Wind starts to make friends with Lizzie.

They make milk to nullify the scorpion poison when they eat them. So Wind makes a chew to of cloth, leather and scorpion bits to get Lizzie to make milk into the absorbent cloth. It only gets us about half a dose a day, but we set to work.

Unfortunately, raiders are also on their way. So, while Wind and I work with Lizzie, everyone works on the defenses, and an escape route into the hills.